Audrey Ficus Tree

Audrey Ficus Tree

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Let us introduce you to the Fiddle Leaf Fig's elegant sister. Her light, matte green leaves, and dainty, feminine shape will get you that designer look as soon as you set her down. Craves a well-lit space and consistent watering schedule.  

LIGHT: Requires bright, indirect light in a room with southern or western exposure. 

WATER: Water when the top several inches of the soil is dry, allowing water to drain through the bottom, typically every 1-2 weeks. Letting our Ficus trees sit in the drained water for 30-60 minutes allows them to drink their desired water. Then make sure to dump the excess water, never allowing the tree to sit in standing water beyond this period of time. 

Please note: A Ficus Tree in a 14-inch diameter nursery pot ranges from 4.5-6 feet in height. Maturity, markings, color, and size may vary slightly as each plant is unique! Images are used for general reference and guidance only.



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