Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - GOOD ROOTS
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - GOOD ROOTS

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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We all know this shining star, the fiddle leaf fig! Her enormous waxy leaves and gorgeous shape will bring life and interest to your space and works with any type of decor. Prefers to be set in one ideal indirectly lit space and stay there. Moving frequently can result in loss of leaves.

(Size and shape will vary as each one is unique)

10" nursery pot tree height ranges between 3-4 feet tall

14" nursery pot (LARGE) tree height ranges between 5-6 feet tall 

14" nursery pot (GRAND) tree height ranges 7 feet+


LIGHT- Prefers bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun.  

WATER- Water when the top several inches of the soil is dry, allowing water to drain through the bottom. 1x a week is recommended. 

*We find that letting our fiddles sit in the drained water for about 15 minutes allows it to drink up any more that it needs to the root area, and then make sure to dump the excess water, never allowing it to sit in standing water beyond this period of time.