Our Story

Good Roots got it's start as a passion project born one summer night in June 2020. Lindsay Palm and Ashley Aikens never could have imagined what their shop has evolved into today, just over a year later.

The houseplant shop opened as an in-home retail space when the ladies transformed a playroom in Ashley's house into a lush, vibrant, intimate shop. After opening their doors in August 2020 the word of Good Roots quickly spread making it a unique, must-see destination in the western suburbs of Chicago. The growth was more than either one could have dreamed of and proved the need to expand their roots quicker than anticipated. 

On November 7th, 2020 Ashley and Lindsay's dreams came true when they opened their retail shop downtown Glen Ellyn, IL, going from 200 square feet to 1,750 square feet. The new location was an incredible canvas that allowed their passion for marrying old vintage charm with a modern clean aesthetic to really shine. Opening their doors to the public proved one of the proudest moments of their lives. 

At Good Roots their mission is to give every person that walks through their door an unparalleled plant shopping experience. Lindsay stepped down from a 14-year hairdressing career and swapped hair consultations for plant consultations, while Ashley comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and corporate sales experience. Together this powerful partnership will give you a consultative approach to find you the perfect houseplants for your space and your lifestyle.

Good Roots is a place you can feel welcomed, encouraged, and supported whether you are just getting started with plants, or have a distinguished green thumb.

Lindsay, her husband Kurt, and their two daughters, Eve (5)  and Nora (2) laid down their roots in Glen Ellyn when they moved into Ashley’s first home three years ago. Ashley, her husband Bob and their two boys, Jackson (7) and Maverick (3) didn’t move far when they spread their roots just one block away. The women started out as friends of friends, and over the past few years Lindsay and Ashley have bonded over what they like to call the "open adoption" of Lindsay’s home. They have supported each other through highs and lows of motherhood and have rooted for one another in countless home evolving projects. They share an avid love for enhancing spaces, and never tire of updating, rearranging, and creating a magnetic energy in their homes for their families and friends to relish in. From passing one home along to the next, they say Good Roots is like the house they got to build together.  


Good Roots is a representation of where Lindsay and Ashley came from, and what they hope to provide to their children and the community. They believe the foundation starts at home, wherever one chooses to lay and spread their roots. Whether it’s a first apartment or final dream home, Ashley and Lindsay believe even the smallest budgets and tiniest tweaks can have the biggest impacts, and it all begins with "Good Roots”.



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