64 oz. Deluxe Candle
64 oz. Deluxe Candle
64 oz. Deluxe Candle

64 oz. Deluxe Candle

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this 64 oz. three wick candle will burn beautifully in this burnished brass vessel that can be repurposed as a planter.

take your homes signature scent and turn it into your centerpiece by adding a six inch plant once you’ve burned it down. 

currently available in two of our most popular scents, The Rising and Finding.


an undefinable, all encompassing, fragrance. unearth the power within, and unlock your greatest strengths. for before every new beginning, first we must set fire to THE RISING

steeped tea//golden cedar//squeezed grapefruit 


peace, power, joy
healing, fortune, gratitude
strength, energy, inspiration
balance, happiness
it all lies within...

rich sandalwood//spicy cardamom//warm cedarwood


crafted with 100% virgin coconut soy wax//vegan//non-toxic//biodegradable//up to 200 hours of slow, even burn time//wooden wick provides the ultimate ambiance//woman owned//locally made by Good Roots