Dracaena Elegance
Dracaena Elegance

Dracaena Elegance

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Want a modern look with an easy tree? Look no further than the Dracaena! He's hardy, he's cool, and he's handsome. 

LIGHT: Enjoys bright, indirect light but can tolerate medium light. Would love a western or southern exposure but can do well in a northern or eastern as well. 

WATER: Check in once a week. When the soil feels 3/4 of the way dry, water until it drains freely out the bottom. Refrain from watering too frequently, as it doesn’t like having wet feet!  

Please note: A Dracaena Elegance in a 12-inch diameter pot stands 5-6.5 feet tall from the bottom of grow pot to the tops of the leaves. Maturity, markings, color, and size may vary slightly as each plant is unique! Images are used for general reference and guidance only.



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