Plant Suncatchers

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Locally handcrafted sun catcher made with formed brass, multi colored stone and a crystal prism. Place in a potted plant where it will catch direct sunlight. Each is one of a kind. 

We like to believe that suncatchers take the positive energy of the sun and spread that light around in the form of rainbows and flecks of light sparking joy in anyone's day

Amazonite is believed to be a soothing and calming stone. Used to help with communication and empathy. 

Lace Agate is believed to increase energy, boost self confidence and protect from outside energies. Said to be a stone of happiness and good fortune. 

Tree Jasper is known as a supreme nurturing stone. It is believed to absorb negative energies and provide emotional protection. 

White Opal is a stone of balance, purity and love. It is believed to absorb negative emotions and bring a sense of peace.

Iolite is a stone that carries the spirit of exploration, intuition, and adventure. It brings prosperity and mental peace. Known as the “Viking Campus” it will strengthen nerves, body and mind. 

Approximately 13-14 inches long and 3 1/2- 4 inches wide. Crystal prism is 40mm.


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